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Welcome to your new site!

Your front page and footer have a few placeholder widgets that you can edit and customize with your own information.

Here's how to personalize your new OpenScholar website in five easy steps:

  1. Edit the media widget above and replace the image with your own headshot (recommended minimum width: 560px).
  2. Edit the text widget above and replace the text with your own name, professional title, and contact info.
  3. Edit the text widget in the footer and replace the contact info with your own details.
  4. Edit the Follow Me widget in the footer and add your own social links (or remove the widget, if you don't have any).
  5. Go to the Bio page and add your own biography. A few sentences is fine - you can expand it later.

For more information about editing content on OpenScholar sites, see Content Apps and Widgets. Bookmark our help site and training videos to learn about all the features available to you.

Lastly, remove this Custom Text/HTML widget from the homepage, or edit it and replace the text with an overview of your research interests and professional activities.